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We all know our motto: 

Everybody's Story is Important

Ymmersta School, Espoo

Ymmersta school (Ymmerstan koulu) is a neighbourhood primary school in Espoo. We have approximately 400 students, from the first to the sixth grade. We also have classes for students with special educational needs.

We share one of our two school buildings with preschoolers from Ymmersta daycare.


Ymmersta School is known as a forerunner in teaching literature, reading skills and stories. We are proud of our school library, the heart of our school, which hosts many visitors yearly. We learn to learn together in an inspiring environment.

In our school, we all participate in making school days safe for everyone. We cherish the value of having our students take responsibilities in organization of school life. 

We also participate in some international projects such as eTwinning, Erasmus and Nordplus (2018-2020). 

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